I think she likes me or am I thinking too much?

So there's this girl we've been friends for 6 months now and im starting to really like her as more that a friend. there's some things she does that make me think she like me too. She talks to me a lot at work when im working and doesn't talk much when im not there. She notice a small string around my wrist that is all so tied to my shift knob in my car too but my watch was hiding it and she still noticed it. She told me she really enjoys my company so i guess thats a good thing right. I've been debating on making a move on her but i would like some more opinions and see what others think about this.


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  • Just ask her out. You can even do this for girls who don't really like you yet, you know, and hope something builds up on the date. Also the more casually and lightly you do it, the easier to avoid becoming obsessed and paranoid about the results (plus it probably helps make it easier for the girl to give you an answer).

    • That said, from what you've said, it sounds like she's into you already (either that or just a very astute observer). In any case, only one way to find out for sure.

    • If it helps, just kind of pretend that you're not even asking her on a date, just a friend to have out with together after work. Then get kind of close to her (physically) when you're in the right setting and find out how you two feel about each other.

    • have [hang] out