I'm in a dilemma, she's older, I like but I don't think she likes me?

So I have feelings for a girl who's a lot older than me. I don't know what it is about this girl, but I can't stop thinking about her. We currently work together which means I can't and haven't done anyhting about it for years. Soon though, that will change. However because I'm younger than her, im quiet and can be shy I feel she wouldn't possibly want to date a guy like me. Besides I see very little interest from her side. She's friendly enough, but I don't see anything else from her really. I feel like crap, because I would like to ask her out, howveer I know deep down that things just wouldn't work, we are very similar in personality, although she appears more confident sometimes. What should I do to try and forget about her?


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  • How much older? I'm 29 and interested in a 24 year old right now. But what have you got to lose - you said you won't be working together anymore, so go for it. Than you'll know once and for all and can move on (or not).

    • 7 years older. How should I ask her? I don't want to appear weird towards her.

    • One of my best friends is 37 years old and she's dating a 29 year old. There's hope. Start simple. "Hey would you like to grab some coffee sometime?"

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  • If you know for sure that she does not like you back (for whatever reason), it's best if you don't ask her out, especially because if she turns you down, it can get awkward at the workplace.

    Focus on doing stuff you enjoy, and date other women. It'll help you get over her.

    • Obviously I don't know for sure, but I di t se any signs that she does like me really

    • If you and her were not colleagues, then I would have suggested you to ask her out. But in your case, better not do that unless you or her change jobs at some point.