Is There Hope or Should I Give Up?

So I’m interested in this guy at work. We had a discussion about two months ago where we expressed interest in each other. He said he liked me but was reluctant to date a coworker, and that he’s also super laid back when it comes to relationships (which I am too). But after our discussion we both agreed we were open to more happening, but were just going to hang out and see where things went and not push things. He asks me to join him for his coffee break and lunch every day at work, and is pretty flirty (stands/walks very close at all times, stares into my eyes for extended periods of time, etc). But other than that nothing else happened... until about two weeks ago when we finally went on what I would classify as our “first date”. He picked me up from my place, paid for me, and it ended with a pretty hot and heavy make-out session. When I asked why it took him so long to make a move, he said it’s because of the “high risk” situation (us being coworkers). Now, it’s been two weeks and while he still asks me to do lunch and coffee with him every day like normal (and makes a special trip to my cube just to chat if I ever have to miss lunch for any reason), at the same time he still hasn’t asked me for another date (even though based on our conversations he hasn't seemed particularly busy), and the first date/makeout didn’t really seem to change our situation much, and he still refers to me as a "friend". I guess I’m just in need of a fresh perspective here, if it’s worth it to take initiative to set something else up or if I should forget about things progressing further between us. Or if I should just chill and let things unfold (even if they don't)...

So I'm getting that it's possible I'm over thinking things when I should really just be chilling out and taking everything at face value/one day at a time? I'll add that I've known the guy for about 4 months but we didn't have our talk until about a month and a half ago.
One more update - he knows I am fairly athletic and he's asked me if I wanted to join a kickball team with him outside work. Am I being pushed in the friend zone or is this all a good sign?


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  • 2 weeks seems like a long time when your "crushing" on someone. Get back to your laid back personality and try not to sweat it much. This is going to be a slow marinating relationship if it takes off. You both agreed not push things and just let it unfold so your not going to be dating on a weekly basis.


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  • Just chill and let things unfold. Dating coworkers can be tricky and is terrible when things don't work out.


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