Please don't judge me about my question, but do give me good advice. my boyfriend now I notice he has the same :loving patterns from the past" and?

i notice well found... he says the same things to his exes from the past, they are the best, he loves them with all of his heart bla bla, i know if the past. but u always want to have a unique love, as i do, a lot of feelings and things come diff with diff person, i feel like it's ALL the same from him. It has gotten to the point when he tells me something sweet i dont see it as genuine, and i wish i was not feeling like this.. what can i do?


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  • There's something I have learned over the years and that is to trust your intuition. Not because it's always 100% right, but it's what influences the way you feel about something, and if you don't feel that it is genuine, then in your eyes it will not be unless something changes. If you feel that strongly about it, and you have strong feelings about him, all you can really do is share what you are feeling in as open, honest and positive a way as possible. If you go this route, try to steer away from accusatory statements. For example: Focus on statements like "Based on what you have told he from your past, I feel this way" rather than "when you tell me this, you make me feel this way". Can you see that one is stating a fact followed by how your feelings respond, while the other is a statement that may put him on the defensive? The difference between the two statements is that one confesses your emotional response in which you have full ownership, while the other implies blame towards his actions. It's highly probable that he isn't aware that he is doing what he is doing, and that talking it out in this fashion may bring awareness and understanding to you both by sharing perspectives. Hope this helps.

    • impressive, cannot thank you enough for sharing such a helpful opinion! I will do this tonight!!! u are def MHO

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  • Have you actually tried to discuss it with him? Tell him that you feel like his words are not genuine since you have the impression that he has said the exact same things to all his exes. Be open with him because he's probably not even realizing that he's doing it.

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