How long should I wait to ask her to be my GF?

We were best friends for a year and dated other people who both screwed us over and then hung out more often. Then we hooked up eventually when we both were pretty drunk and talked more seriously and went on a lot of dates since. When people ask if we're official we both look at eachother and laugh cause she isn't ready for another relationship. We have been in the talking stage since Halloween and she keeps saying we should take it slow and then her friends keep asking why I just don't ask her to be my girlfriend and make it official and that she's waiting for me to say it. Im really confused and I am not great at reading women.



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  • The sooner the better.

    • I'll never get women then cause why she point out that its best to take it slow and then with her friends say she just me to ask? I am confused.

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