I asked him to hang out again, he answered but now never followed up? Should I text him again?

So me and the guy I'm into hung out last Monday (1/18). It was wonderful. Well, I was trying not to be annoying and text him a lot since it was our first time hanging out so we texted here and there throughout the week and I had last heard from him on Wednesday (1/20). So I waited until Sunday afternoon (he works super later Thurs-Mon) saying, "Hey, do you have plans for Wednesday? If not, we should hit up D&B or go adventure or cause trouble, I don't know, just a thought, lol." He responded saying, "I believe I'm free Wednesday!" and I responded saying, "Awesome! I just got my new car so if you're down, we can plan it!". He read the message but hasn't responded at all. I know he worked late Sunday night as well as Monday night. So I understand why MAYBE he didn't respond. But he also posted a picture on his IG so I don't know if I'm being ignored or he simply just forgot to respond? Which I know CAN happen because I do it all the time, lol.

So my question is, should I text him today to follow up about tomorrow? If so, how should I say it without coming off as annoying or clingy-like? He never agreed to the plans but he let me know he was available. In all honesty, I just want to hang out with the guy, haha. Thanks in advance for all your input! :)


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  • wait do you wanna hang with him or date him?

    dont say anythig else let him come to you. he sounds like he's following the advice i give all the guys on here, so i wouldn't let it worry you and if he doesn't hit you up there's always someone else

    • Both, but we're still feeling each other out. Hence why I'd like to see him again and see where this goes! What's the advice you give guys?

    • i teach guys how to show confidence independence and emotional security because when i used to be insecure in myself i would come on too strong with girl and be turned down because it was creepy. basically i tell guys to text half as much as they think they should. and these three rules.

      1. text length should equal the ladies.
      2. duration between texts should be twice as long as the ladies.
      3. if she is boring or you can't think of anything to say, dont say anything until you do.

      it ensure they dont come on too strong. its not player like it just gives guys like me a guideline so that i dont get caught up in my infatuation and creep her out.

      if he did indeed receive me advice expect him not to text for a full day then call you the next day to schedule a dinner date. if its sushi then he also took my bonus advice lol.

      but anyways i digress. dont assume this means he doesn't like you. its likely he's busy or wants to seem secure and indepedent. just wait it out!

    • Well, I hope for the best! Cause I like this guy! lol Thanks for the input, though!

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  • Wait until he gets a girlfriend then gets marry have kids and then you text him ok.

    • lol, I like your humor.

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    • lol, yes it's really me!
      But thank you! I don't know why I'm having such a hard time texting him, lol. I'm new to the dating game again.

    • Always remember girls have all the power in the dating game. Good luck!!

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