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I'm scared I won't get a girlfriend/future wife due to my ugliness, shyness, & height?

I'm 19 and a freshmen in college. I had only had one girlfriend before. But other than that, I have terrible luck with girls and I mean ZERO luck. I literally have no confidence in myself because I fear that girls will either not listen to me or I'll have nothing to say to them. Why is it so hard for me to get girls attention while any other guy can get girls easily without breaking a sweat? I know you'll tell me "because they have confidence" blah blah blah but I have none whatsoever. I play piano and i'm very passionate about my music, I used to play football in high school, and I workout but I still don't feel confident in myself cause it's not like girls are gonna fall in love because of that. I'm sweet accroding to what some girls tell me and I'm christian and I take relationships seriously. I'm 5'6 and done growing and I know girls won't think it's sexy enough since they want taller guys. I know a few guys that can "spit game" to pretty girls and they are so cocky because of it and it makes me feel like I have ZERO "game" and that I have to have "game" just to get a girl's attention. Again other guys can make it look easy while I can't do shit right with women. If I had a girl I would treat her good and cherish her because in my situation I won't have the opportunity again. The fact that I'm shy and I can't even talk to girls makes me fear that I would have a girlfriend again and have a future wife. I hardly go out a lot because I don't know where to go to begin talking to girls. Friendzone is always an occurance with me as well and I dont know what to do anymore. I'm not as good-looking as the other guys which also makes me unconfident and let's be honest, girls look at looks first because that's what attracts them. This is coming to a point where I can't even see my good qualites because I'm too ugly, short, and shy even with my talents it's not good enough. I know you're gonna tell me don't give up and stop bitching but I'm goona have to give up with women.
I'm scared I won't get a girlfriend/future wife due to my ugliness, shyness, & height?
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