Need advice on recently single guy I am into?

I'll give a quick back story since it is relevant in some ways. I've known this kid my entire life and he was technically a crush when I was younger since you can see the age gap. Not someone who I should take seriously and vise versa. Anyway, we reconnected maybe a year ago. Ran into each other at the gym. At the time he had a girlfriend at the time. Be in mind 4 years together. (They broke up 2 weeks ago) I am well aware of the emotional attachment that comes with that long of a relationship. Me and him started liking each other pretty early on. I always knew my place in his life and might have stepped over boundaries. (think what you want). Anyway, I really did my best to keep my distance. I never ever texted him. He would seem to always get a hold of me though during the times he was still dating her. I kept a big gap between us to save myself from emotional heartbreak. He has a bad track record of not keeping plans with me. Like he is indecisive. He would get so excited about seeing me and making plans and yet when it came down to the day of, he would be like I'm hungover or whatever other excuse. This was all before hand. Now let's fast forward to 2 weeks ago. He tells me him and his girl finally broke up. He was supposed to spend my whole birthday (1/18) with me. We planned it. We both didn't have work. He ends up taking me out to sushi for an hour and goes back to whatever the hell he was doing. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because all I ever wanted was to not be his secret. To go out like we did that day. It just seems to be a trend of his now. This past Sunday we were supposed to go see a movie. We talked about it all damn week. He was texting me the night before all about it while I was out with my friends and he was out with his. The morning of he even said I have to go see my grandma but will keep me updated when he can hangout. He ended up barely seeing me. Took me to some sandwich shop 5 minutes from my house. Than wouldn't come inside my place


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  • your friend zoned lol

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    • So why would he waste his time dragging me along and tell me how I drive him crazy etc. I totally agree with what you're getting at. But there is contradiction with how he acts all the time. Some days I'm like wow he really is into me. Tells me he wants to hangout. Just doesn't ever seem to make it happen. How the hell did I get in friendzone! It makes sense though. I feel like he only got me a birthday gift because I got him one. Ugh. He even said "I'LL BUY YOU LUNCH FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY" like wtfffff

    • you have to push him away before you can reel him in correctly

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