Do you think opposites attract?

Personally from my experience, if I start to date someone and they don't share any common interests and we don't really click then I doubt it will work out but I have friends who have dated girls for awhile and yet have nothing in common but are still a great couple.

How do you think that works out? Have you ever dated someone who was just the polar opposite of you?

The only time I thought it worked out when I dated a girl who didn't have much in common is when she was at least talkative and open to new things.


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  • In my case, I prefer a mix of opposite as well as similar traits. There would be too many conflicts with someone who is totally opposite to me, and it would be too boring to date someone with very similar traits/interests as me.

    • hmm why boring if they have too many traits and interests?

    • I just feel that if you dated with someone who was too opposite and nothing in common, it'd be more boring, especially if they didn't talk much.

    • If they are very similar to me, it limits my ability to develop interest new stuff or otherwise explore different things, since we would both keep doing the same stuff!