Is he mad at me?

so long story short me and my boyfriend went out on our first date, and for some reason , one of our friends (she's a girl) happened to tag along. Anyways he bought me some hot chocolate and I spilled it. really it was just me being clumsy and it was super embarrassing. but he seemed to be ok after a bit and kept offering to buy me another one. finally, i let him buy me another one. anyways back to my friend. she was being super annoying and loud the whole time and i could tell he was getting super annoyed. But on top of that she started talking about how i thought this other guy was hot, right in front of him, which i dont but she still said it. after that he looked pissed and we kinda went our separate ways.. i tried texting him and all he has responded with is "its ok, im fine and dont worry about it" and he also responded with " K "... and now he won't respond at all.. WTF SHOULD I DO?

  • is he mad?
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  • or is he not?
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  • should i keep texting him?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Leaving aside how a first date makes him you boyfriend, why did your friend come on the date with you and act like a troll?

    When I've dated the two girls and me thing I sense the female competition going on, but never that bad. Sometimes I think it would be easier to go on a date with just one girl


What Girls Said 2

  • Eh he was probably mad because he was trying to spend time with you and your friend tagged along & was irritating? Arrange another date with him, but just him

  • First off, he's not your boyfriend if this was your first date and another girl came. Second, there is no way in hell you are actually 25-29 and third, Learn that a first date with a guy never ever involves another girl.