Need help approaching a guy?

I see this guy all the time around my college campus, usually just passing on the street or sometimes in the library (where we have to be quiet, haha). I never know what to say or do. And I have no clue if he has a girlfriend, I just think he's really cute. What should I do the next time I pass him or see him?


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  • Hmmm, I think maybe you could just ask him a really general question about the campus... Like

    What time does the library close? I have to leave and was just wondering.

    I am looking for (building on campus) do you now where it is? Can you show me?

    Etc... Just something to get a convo started and actually talk to this person. Then next time you see him you can be more friendly. "Hey thanks for helping me that time. How are you today?"

    And then just continue escalating until you know enough about him to decide whether to pursue or not.


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  • Start by telling him "hi" and introduce yourself to him. Ask him what year he's in, if he likes the college etc.

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