If you are getting to know a guy?

You can text without a problem but when it comes to talking on the phone you mostly call and he doesn't call back like he say he will. Would you want to keep getting to know him if talking on the phone is one of the things you like in a man or no?


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  • Ask him if he doesn't like talking on the phone if he always replies to you in other ways. I hate talking on the phone unless it's a good friend or family so if it's a guy I am seeing, I'd tend to text or talk face to face.

    • Being i like talking on the phone and he rarely calls and dont call back shouldn't i just move on? I hate texting and firm believer that if a guy say he is going to do something.

    • Ah right, read it wrong then - yeah if he's letting you down and not putting in the said effort, I'd probably just move on too. Works both ways.

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