Am I overreacting? How should I handle it? Help?

I've been dating a guy for a month now. Since we met we've been meeting one day on the weekend and one day during the week. He's always asked to see me and organised the dates.

He was for a famous UK newspaper. His work makes him very busy. I slept with him for the first time on the weekend. He asked me when could he next see me. On Saturday, I'm off to Manchester but will be back on Sunday so told him I could see him Sunday. I wondered why he hadn't pushed for a weekday date. Usually after our date he texts to ask when can he see me in the week.

I received no texts until last night. He told me he was on a business trip abroad on Thursday but will be back Saturday and asked if I would still be on for Sunday. I told him yes but I didn't just mean that I was only available Sunday. He told me the only day he could do is Saturday night when he got back from business trip and Sunday when we agreed. This conversation happened Monday night but wondered what was wrong with both Tuesday/Wednesday. So I said "Well if you can manage a cheeky meet tomorrrow or Wednesday let me know". His reponse was "I don't think I can" and then "I'll try for Wednesday".

It's now Tuesday night, 11pm and I need to be getting myself to bed. I drive to work but would need to get the train in so last minute "lets meet up" doesn't work.

He's so attentive. Keen on arranging dates. Yesterday he said he misses me. But how can he miss me but then not want to see me? He might be busy with work but he says his work is busy. I think it's unfair to start seeing someone saying you're looking for something serious if you can't make the other person a priority. I realise his career is important but if you can't commit to once or twice a week of dating at the beginning then that doesn't bode well for the future potential of the relationship?

He's laid his cards on the table about a couple of things he would like a girlfriend to do. If I'm not overreacting, is this something I should lay on the table?

Advice anyone? Please?


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  • It sounds like he may just have a crazy schedule, which wouldn't work well for a relationship. Maybe that's just for now though. Give it a little time before you have a big talk about it.


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