Is this guy worth waiting for?

I've had feelings for a close guy friend since last year. He only thinks of me as a friend.

Ever since I've known him, which was the beginning of last year, he's been in and out of these relationships and he's always the one to get dumped. I've been feeling bad for him this whole time, but I'm starting to wonder if there's a good reason for these girls to be leaving him... Of course everybody has flaws, and I know some of his, but he's generally a really nice guy, successful, talented, and has a nice body! (Sorry, that last one may have been unnecessary.. Anyway) What could be so bad for them to leave him?

I'm also worried that he's not the type to stick to one girl... I tend to stick to the same guy, so he may not be good for me...

For now, I'm happy we're close friends who hang out and text a lot. I'm just trying to decide whether I should keep the hope of someday being with him or to move on and just think of him as a friend.

  • He's not worth it. Move on and go back to thinking of him as a friend.
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  • The problem may not be him. Be friends for now and wait for him.
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  • I can't say for sure but if he's constantly in and out of relationships and he's usually the dumpee, thats not a good sign. Do you know why he gets dumped? Is there any reason you believe it will be different with you?

    I looked at your question history and half of your questions are about this guy. My initial feeling is you're seeing him through rose colored glasses and are really invested in him to the point you dont want to let go and admit youve wasted your time. you're a beautiful girl and seem like you're kind, modest and intelligent so i can't see why youd have trouble finding a guy. However if youve got your eyes set on only this guy you might miss out on other potentially better options.

    Its easier said than done, but id say either tell him how you feel and see where things go or move on. Because right now you're wasting time and tirturing yourself by wondering how he feels and hoping for him to make the first move.


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  • He's really isn't


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  • Don't wait for him but also don't hide your feelings. Tell him you're interested in being more than friends and see what he says.