Should I Take Down My Online Dating Profile?

Started seeing a guy I met on OKC. After a few dates and a weekend spent together, we became lovers. When I asked him what our weekend (i. e. Becoming lovers) meant to him he said that he wanted to date me exclusively, he was going to take down his OKC profile and focus on seeing where our relationship can go.

I logged in to OKC to see if he had take his profile down and he hasn't. He also hasn't logged on to OKC since Friday, which is before our weekend together, and we had the exclusivity convo on Sunday. I also know he's busy at work and doesn't have internet in his house.

Two things:

1) Should I be worried that he hasn't taken his profile?

2) I don't want him to think that I'm still looking at guys. But when he logs on he can see that I logged on. I'm on to see if he is keeping to his word and working to mirror his behavior.

However, I want to trust that he is just busy with work and that he's not deleted it because of that. He calls me every day and is wonderful at keeping to his word.

Should I take my profile down?

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  • I think you should wait for him to take his profile down first. Also deactivate your profile and don't delete it just in case things didn't work out with the guy. Im assuming he is busy with work.

    • What do you think about the fact that when he gets on, he'll see that I've been on recently and might assume I'm still checking out guys. I made it clear I cannot sleep with one man and date others. I'm just not built that way. But I don't want to mess with his trust in me...

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    • Lol thank you. Im very glad he took it down.☺

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • Deactivate, don't delete.

    He probably took it off his phone like deleted the app and didn't realize the profile was still there.

    I would just take mine down and trust him.

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