Girls, Friends have tried to set me up with guys I didn't feel attraction for. For me to date a guy, he must be?

Tall, built, confident and dominant. I went out and a guy like that approached me and we flirted and he asked me out. We ended up going on a few dates. One day me and my girlfriends went out to a bar and I saw him there. He sent a drink for me. While was dancing, he came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He went for a kiss and while we were making out, he started feeling up my back under my shirt. He lifted my shirt and started kissing my belly and I let him take me. Some time after that I invited him by me to spend time, and before even talking he pushed my shirt up so my belly was exposed and I pulled back. These guys have their faults but I can't feel it for guys who are too soft and passive.


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  • What's your question exactly? You can tell your friends to mind their own business even though they are just trying to help you out. If you want to keep dating dominant guys, do so.

    • It's just that many of them turn out to be jerks. Are you attracted to these guys too?

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