How can I make the conversation more serious?

I've been flirting a lot with this guy and I really like him. The problem is I don't know how to move the conversation forward to a more in depth meaningful conversation. Most yhe time we're just joking around and teasing eAch other. I think it's obvious we like each other but neither of us knows how to cross that line to see if it could be something more. Any advice on how to do this?


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  • At your age bracket, it's time to push a little harder if you really want to pursue something more.
    I'd probably whisper in his ear, and say "You know... I have so much fun with you, but I really want to get to know you on a deeper level..."
    I'd see how he responses.
    Then I'd take the initiative of changing the conversation into a more serious topic.
    It's fun to laugh and joke, but you also want to know this person on a different level.


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  • Maybe he's waiting for you to do just that. It's also harder to get into anything more meaningful if you've never even been on a date. Maybe one of you should ask the other out and then things will just progress naturally.

  • Its pretty easy to me I was talking to girls and had them like

    "Ew no that's gross"

    Then a few later Had them like

    "Yeah... I guess it's pretty big"

    Doesn't matter what the convo was about all that matters is how you can shift the convo.. Its pretty easy I could teach you

  • If you're joking be like I would like to go out on a date with, kiss you, etc. If you're both laughing etc, actually kiss him maybe. Ask him for help with class then touch his hair.


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