Why do I still think about a cursh I haven't seen in two years and haven't talked to in like 4?

He was someone from UNI things were going great between us and I honestly don't know what happened but eventually we stopped talking all together. I never figured out what happened (we weren't even dating) and yet I still think about him.

Is this odd? Will I think about him forever? I have dated other guys since and I STILL think about this guy.


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  • Text him. You never know. He might be thinking about you too.

    • We haven't talked in 5 years and we used to see each other around a lot and completely ignore each other so it would be awkward. I honestly don't know why I think about him still.

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    • Look him up on Favebook. See if he's single and, if he is, text him. YOLO

    • If you're too afraid to do that, then look him up on Facebook and find a reason to interact with him. After awhile, then you can text him. You should feel less awkward going about it that way.

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  • This is common, you'll forget him eventually. you just haven't dated anyone worthwhile yet. Keep going, you'll eventually get there.

    • After five years I almost feel like I never will haha!

    • I still remember my first crush. But I don't feel the same way about him as I used to. Once you go out with a guy who you believe is better than your crush, you'll move on.

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