If a cute, successful looking guy texted you out of nowhere saying that you met when you weren't sober, would you talk to him?

im not the type of person who gets fucked up to the point where I don't remember who I meet, so I don't know if his story is valid, but I see his Instagram and Facebook and he seems like a very family-oriented, driven, cute and nice guy, and he really does seem legit. I'm not gonna talk to him romantically yet or anything because I still wanna get to know him as a friend and I wanna focus on myself and be single for now, but out of curiosity, what does one do if someone texts you and you don't remember meeting them at all? I really am not that type of person to get drunk like that. He texts me everyday, says goodmorning and good night a lot but he lags because of work. He texts me long paragraphs but we talk for short amount of time in intervals. I assume if he still texts back and texts long paragraphs, he still wants to talk. He takes a long time to text and sometime he doesn't talk to me at night but he definitely greets me with a goodmorning after. He's so busy with his job to the point where if he asked me on a date (he has) I'd doubt he'd even be capable to make it since he hasn't given me a call. What do you think this guy's deal? If we met months ago at someone's house (which sounds shady too), and we both weren't sober, we must've had such a good talk to the point where he remembers me after all this time. What do you think is up? Is this guy legit? What could his intentions be? The story of how we met just seems shady, but everything else about him doesn't, you know?


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  • Honestly, with the way technology works these days and how Intricately conniving people can be, I would go with my gut - sometimes it's too dangerous not to. I'd be asking very specific things, like which friends house did we meet at, how does he know them, etc. I know it's easy to get in your own head and overthink things, I do it all the time lol. But if you know yourself and if you just don't feel like he's honest, go with that gut feeling. Trust me, it's easy for people to weave tales and lies, especially when you let them in a little to easily. I've seen it first hand and it's scary. Be careful girl.

    • True, thank you (: if he does happen to be a legit person, what do I do from there? im probably gonna keep talking to him just through social media since he doesn't know where I live and he is nice to talk to for now, but how do you determine if someone is fake? Not like catfish where they have a different face, but how can you make sure they legitimately won't hurt you?

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    • Hmmm you're right, thank you!

    • No problem :) good luck!