How do I ask this girl out?

I've been friends with this girl for about 2 years now and I'm pretty crazy about her. Trouble is, we never seem to be able to meet up based on our schedules and we don't hang out in the same friend groups. I get the feeling she likes me too, always replies to my texts, likes pretty much every post I put on social media, and laughes at all my jokes even the ones no one else laughes at. I know she is single so not too much of a problem there. I want to ask her out before her birthday in two weeks but, I'm reluctant to ask her out on a date over a text. I feel like she would appreciate being asked out in person. But, I also had the idea of an edible arrangements delivery asking her out, thoughts?
I text her maybe everyother day and we always have a little conversation. She's always wanted to come along to places with me but her work keeps getting in the way. However, whenever I ask her out to grab a bite to eat during the week, she declines. Is she taking this as asking her out on a date? Also its been about 6 years since i asked a girl out so, whats the best way to ask her out? I'm sure its a lot different than junior high asking "you want to be my girlfriend?". lol, I hope at least.


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  • Just do it you only live once

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