Why was this guy trying to make me feel bad?

This guy I sort of know invited me to hang out at this outdoor thing they have in the city I live in. Where I live people are just rude or it's hard to meet people. He invited me to this Social thing where he knows a lot of people. It was more like a hippy gathering. I had a bad day but went and was still happy enough. However when I was standing near him people came to talk and also to me. Rather than introduce me to these people, he tried to dominate the conversation and not let me talk, if i tried to talk or ask a question. Rather than include me, he was trying to dominate and make himself look good or dominant over me and almost make me look bad. So the guys who seemed like they wanted to talk to me, were now put off by this idiot who was acting this way. Like he wanted to show that he was better than me and try to keep me silent.

Then when I was talking to a guy selling stones he got jealous and tried to get in my space a lot. Like he almost didn't want me talking to anyone and control me. It made me feel bad and low. He also insulted the stonres guy I was chatting with. Then it just put me in a bad mood its like he was trying to control my conversations.. I left later feeling disoriented and upset. Later I told him off through text for what he did. He denied it but he was extreme. What was he trying to do. He had no right doing it. He took my good energy made me feel like crap and almost tried to not let me have conversations or controlled them. I dont get why he'd invite me there just to control and treat me like crap. also im a pretty girl so maybe jerks like him want to try to bring me down. in about 2 hours he affected my self esteem. I left the place and was really upset and told him im not talking to him again. Why was he trying to dominate me and make me feel this way. Also people do this to me sometimes, b/c im 'pretty'? i duno and its really mean and rude.. why would they do that

also he was trying to kill my confidence- just bring me down- make me feel lower than him or low- maybe he was trying to make me feel low the way he does about himself? like try to project his own self hate onto me, so he can feel better about himself.. these people are just sick


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