Why did he start texting me less then completely ignoring me?

I've been speaking to a guy for quite some time and we finally went on our first date. I told him that I am not looking for a relationship and he said he isn't as well but said that he would like a companion and that if a relationship happens, it happens. He kept saying that it was lovely to see me, very flirty, mirroring my body language, compliments, asking about me/my family, spoke of his and showing genuine interest. He took me out for dinner and then he dropped me home and we relaxed by my pool for quite some time cuddling. Although he began to speak about how he wants to meet my parents, that he has a few weeks of break in the next few months and wants to know if I could join him on a holiday. He told me that he would like to do something for my birthday (which is soon). He knows about my family and I do of his. He tells me he wants to meet them etc.

After he left, he messaged me saying that he really enjoyed himself and thanked me. He constantly invites me out for dinners after his work. He messages me saying he misses me, wants to spend time with me and other types of flirting and usually with my replies I keep it platonic (not romantic but sexual), I generally don't say I miss him back etc. However, I've noticed he's taking longer to reply to me, from 10 minutes longer to an hour or two (which I do not have an issue with) but the mixed signals is confusing me because if this guy is really only looking for fun, I can accept that however when he shows signs of romantic interest, I think to myself "Maybe we could try for a relationship if this works.."

He took me out for dinner and the movies and I gave him head and he said during the head "this going to make me fall for you" and then when he left he messaged me and everything was normal. I'm currently away on holidays for 2 weeks which he knows and has said to send him photos, that he wishes he was here with me etc. We were texting longer than a week ago and then he suddenly stopped and I hadn't heard from him in days then I decided to text him telling him that we should go separate ways as our motives are different. He replied saying "what do you mean? I'm in hospital right now" then asked the reasons why. I replied and I haven't heard anything more. That was a week ago.


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  • I think you ended up not giving him what he wanted. You didn't do anything wrong though.

    • What did he want that I did not give him?

  • Sometimes we lose interest


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  • He could've been busy. Instead of asking why he hasn't texted, you jumped the gun and decided to call it quits. Why don't you clear the air if you meet him again?