Did I f*** up and if so how do I make things better?

So I went to school with this guy who's 3 years older than me and then he graduated and moved to another state but we still talk and started dating a little over a month ago but we've always had feelings for each other. But earlier today he asked me a question which was,"What would you do if I told you I cheated on you our whole relationship?" And I respond, "idek" so since that question I was just really wondering if it was true and then he convinced me to believe that he hasn't been cheating and he'd never cheat on me. But then I asked him to swear on everything that he wouldn't but he wouldn't then maybe like an hour later where things cool down I asked him to do it and he does it but he thinks that I don't trust him but I really do but I wanted him to swear so I could have something to look back to and remember that we'd stay together and he would never cheat on me then he went to sleep because he had to get up in a few hours for work and when I said I love you in all caps with special emojis he says Ily2 which he's never said before and now that I think about it he could have asked because of something he had saw in tv or online and I think he still wants to be with me because when I said babe he responded "Yes?" and I also feel that he wouldn't have sworn if he didn't.
So please help and tell me what I can do to make things better, thanks😊


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