How should j resound?

A guy I've been talking to sent me a text and said he was sorry. He said sorry he never texted me back. He was busy at work. Which I just told him to have a great day at work.
What ahould my response be.

The j should be an I. Sorry. Is it okay. To say it's okay. I understand! :) or should I says it's okay I figured you were busy


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  • I would probably not reply. He hasn't thanked for the wishes and didn't ask you anything. Just explained he didn't have a great day. If you really want to, you could say: sorry to hear your day wasn't that great. Hope it gets better! :)

    • He actually did thank me for the sweet text I sent. Sorry I left those details out.

    • Okey, then I would respond. Maybe something like; "no problem, hope your day turns better ;) " it really depends on how you two usually communicate.

    • Thank you! :)

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  • Is J the new I?

    • Sorry, sorry, stupid autocorrect... and I didn't realize until I posted the question

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