Texts me when she is scared...

OK, this girl, I went out with her on a date a week ago, and we have been texting off an on for about 1 1/2 weeks. So last two nights she has texted me, initiated the texts when she is scared, cause she is all alone in a house she is watching, and she was scared someone was at the door.

Is this a good sign? Like she thinks of me as a protector or is it a bad sign that she thinks of me as just a friend?

Yea, its over tho between us, I asked her on a 2nd date and she pretended she was busy for a long time, so I took the hint.


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  • i don't mind a bigger guy, I personally prefer em not only are they better to cuddle with but they seem more protective, which is a very good thing. and they are also more down to earth and not as arrogent as a guy who is always in the gym or lookin in the mirror to check and see how he looks, I think bigger guys are sexier to btw... but there are girls out there that do think that just because your big you don't deserve a chance, which that's a bad call on their part, if they don't like you for who you are, SCREW EM! but go ahead and try with her, but don't get down if she says no its her loss and just move on, and I know that's easier said than done but you gotta know, right? :) good luck

    • LOL, well this girl and I have not talked for 2 months, so it is over between us, she did not want to go out again, when I asked her out , so like you said Screw Em.

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    • LOL yea, thanks. Funny thing, I asked out another girl two days ago, she said she was busy, and today I was worried cause I had to sit next to her in class, but it was pretty much normal like always. Guess I have to move on to next girl.

    • You could always talk to me lol xD you know just sayin lol

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  • This is good - this is your chance to establish yourself as someone she can trust and who is comforting to her. Time to play 'big strong man' if you like her and make her feel safe.

    She is probably fine really, maybe a little scared, but also wants a good excuse to contact you and be girly! LOL.

    So if you want to see her again, how are you going to use these opportunities she is giving you to ask her out again?

  • i think its deff a good sign, she finds confort in you. I don't think it would be as a friend, I'm sure she has girl friends and maybe guys friends, but she chose to text you so you can keep her company even thou its on the phone :]


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