Can you ask someone where you stand and what they think of you together as a couple?

Hi all,
I told this girl who I was seeing that I liked her and everything about her about a week ago. Now she saw the message but didn't reply. She has shared that she liked me but atm refused to take my calls or messages.

Anyways, I told her again today that I liked her. I asked her what she thought of "us" and also where I stand with her? I told her to take the time she needs to think and tell me what she feels when she is ready. Message was seen but no reply yet.

I want to know if it is ok:
- To ask what she thinks of us?
- To ask where I stand
- To give her time to think

Also we have been dating for 3 months at this point if that helps so I hope I didn't come across as rude or insensitive by asking the above.

Has anyone asked the above in a message and got a reply? How long did it take? Do I have to wait for a reply from her now?

Thanks for the help
Mark James


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  • Give her some time and space. If she says she likes you, then she probably does. After three months of dating I told my boyfriend that I loved him. Hasn't said it back, said we were rushing things. Better to go slow in the beginning from my experience.

    • Ok great, I just haven't heard from her in a while (2 weeks now) and was starting to think she no longer liked me. Is this the case? Or should I just give her time and space to think and let her comeback (even if it takes a few months of not hearing anything over holidays)?

      Thanks for your help @sweetgal3

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  • Bro, if it's been two weeks then it's probably over. I generally just wait on the girl. But if you tell or ask her, you do it once in person and then let it go. After that, it's up to her.

    Back to your current, I definitely would not ask her or bring it up again. If it's been over two weeks now and there still hasn't been any good, the odds are that you aren't going to, at least not anytime soon. If after two more weeks, then you have to decide if you want to if you want to continue to wait (at that point you, after a month, you definitely won't hear from here anytime soon), move on, or give it one last try.

    If you give it one last try, then I recommend that you try and deescalate the situation. In other words, don't ask her any of those questions. Try and bring it back to what it was like whenever it seemed good (in other words, before everything got so serious). It's a learning a experience for you. Good luck.

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