Is it wrong that my gf's attire kinda makes me uncomfortable?

My girlfriend is 28 and I sometimes get uncomfortable with the way she dresses, her profile
pic on Instagram is pretty much just a smile and her cleavage, and she posts pics of her in like a thong like bikini on the beach, am I justified in feeling informant me or is this just the norm and not a big deal?

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  • Nowadays, I notice women post sexually explicit photos of themselves because they like to seek validation from others.

    It's almost as if it's not enough anymore to hear from your husband or boyfriend that you're sexy.
    They need to hear it from EVERYONE so those are the only images they put out.

    I feel like only insecure people put only "one type" of photos of themselves out, because clearly they are only looking for a certain type of reaction to themselves.
    Whereas real life, those comments are usually more balanced because people are seeing this person in different forms and not in just a sexual light.

    Your girlfriend is a grown woman and will do what she pleases. I know this makes you uncomfortable.
    You should voice your concerns to her.
    I wouldn't expect her to stop, but at least now she will know how you feel about it.


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  • Was she like this when you first started dating her or is this a new change?


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  • I think a little cleavage is fine, but women who post a lot of pictures like that seem desperate for attention and validation in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't want to be dating someone like that. Yes, you're feelings are justified.

    But I guess it depends on the pics too... I have a few photos of me and my friends at the beach while I'm wearing a bikini.

  • It depends. These day most shirts are boob-a-lichous. There's nothing wrong with her dressing where it showing a little cleavage. She is a woman. But depending on the way she's taking the pictures is another story. Is it a sexy pose? Is she pushing them up with her arms or something? Does it look like she's trying to get attention? Then it's disrespectful to you. But if you have any pictures of you without your shirt or any pics where you look sexy, I'd delete them if you're expecting her to.


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