Why are moutain girl not normally attractive?

I just noticed and all that great looking and yet they share my biggest interest I understand looks arnt everything but still there has to be physical attraction to work you would go out with someone who your not attracted to physically I'm not looking for the hottest girl out there how ever I am looking for someone who I'm am both physical and emotional attractived to why I put some thought into this and I don't know what to do do I just go for someone who doesn't share my interest or am I just screwed on dating weather beaten girl


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  • What? Like some Appalachian Folks? 😜 lol. What do you mean by mountain girl? I am country, but my heart belongs in the mountains. I love hiking, I love camping, I want to hike the Appalachian, and do some hikes in Alaska as well. Is that what you mean? If so... I'm not a 10 or going to be winning any beauty contest, but I'm attractive enough to get hit on pretty regularly by (mostly) attractive men. So I think you just need to look harder.

    • Must me Washington your not bad looking lol I've been up to the Olympics there are girls who look like they've been in the rain to long cascade normally big women 200+ and Rainer seem to be old people

    • Thnks, but that's not me lol. I'm a catfish😜. And Georgia actually lol. I don't know though that's crazy about those ladies

    • Right lol eastern side worse a lot of meth or drinking I'm sticking with weed I'm not gonna smoke meth and I'm not gonna be a heavy Drink beer here and there but ya I'm sticking with my weed

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  • work on your English then move on to women

    • Never I will never be any good at English