I can't find a girl help?

I am not used to lots of girls at the same time so needless to say college was a new and pleasant experience for me ( even though i dated... once and been on few dates before going to college ).

I have worked hard on my myself in the past couple years and now iam kinda where i want to be , smart, witty, funny, tall (6'2), confident and girls find me very attractive ( judging from looks and what the girls i dated used to tell me... and what other women have told me ) so it seems i have no problem finding a girl right?

Wrong !! in fact i do , every girl in my classes who is attractive to me and i think she has a good personality and want to date her ends up being engaged, has a boyfriend, different religion, or extremely conservative , iam seriosuly unsure of what to do , the girls that seem interested in me are usually taken (i've tried trust me) and the rest are either way too conservative for anything or we are completely different , so i decided to take a break since i can't find anyone...

I know what you're gonna say "its college , thousands of girls bro, go find you one !!" iam trying but as i said most of them end up being taken as i've got to know (first hand ) and those who are not taken are either too conservative/different and it won't work out , so iam not sure where to look fora girl if not at college (since i spend most of my time there and i have no time for other places that much ) ... iam kinda out of options, its my first year i know that i have plenty of time but i dont see any solution and i was hoping you could help me, ecnourage me or give me something based on your experience.

P. S: coming from a small town most girls who are girlfriend material are already taken i know because i've tried.


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  • That's life for ya.

  • Stop being funny... forget all the good in this world

    Put others down, ridicule them, physically threaten them, ostracize them... be the bad boy... women will get wet like nothing else.

    Women are the source of disorder. They must be controlled!

    • i know that , women repond better to not caring about them i know and it does work (from experience ) but what do i do if there aren't any women around?

    • It's wayyyyyy better to be single, than with a modern woman. Going toward female forms... is like hogs going toward mud