Is it true that your average looking guy is more likely to get rejected than your average looking girl?

I remember hearing this somewhere where a study was shown that when it comes to dating average looking guys get rejected more than average looking girls in almost every scenario.

I believe this statement is true simply because your average girtl has more options when it comes to guys then your average guy may have and the fact that an average girl can utilize makeup and other fashion accessory that women have far more access to to amplify her appearance. I've seen girls that are solid 5s become 8s simply by using high end makeup.


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  • Men get rejected more because it's men who approach more.

    But also men can use make-up and fashion too if they want?

    • Yeah but a if a guy uses make up do you really think anyone will take him remotely seriously?

    • Guys in eyeliner are HOT. There was a guy at my school who wore eyeliner and I had a massive crush on him for two years (unfortunatley he had a girlfriend. I'd get pissed off 'cause he was a year older than me and she was a year younger, meaning she was underage and I wasn't. Also they'd break up and get back together all the time xD. I hear they're still going out now so that was a pretty hopeless crush haha)

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