So I saw that my boyfriend's ex girlfriend contacted him via Facebook earlier this month, but he didn't tell me. What to do if anything at all?

My boyfriend and I have beend ating for over 3 years now and we're both in our late 20's. Yesterday, without him know (which i know is wrong), i saw that his ex grilfriend sent him a message via social network earlier this month. He was using FB on his phone yesterday and left his phone open when he walked away. I NEVER look through his phone and i have the passcoade to his phone, but i just had a feeling that i should look at this phone yesterday. So when he left to do something in the house, I saw that his ex girlfriend sent him a message. She asked him about an event that occured while they were together a long time ago and he told her that he's not going to entertain her question because that's in the past now, and he would love to ask her a lot of questions about things that occured in their relationship but he's not going to because he's matured and that's all in the past. Then they both wished each other well and then she asked him if he's engaged to me yet. His response was "why are you in my business lol. Are you in a relationship or engaged yet?". Then she responded by saying "why can't you answer my question" then his response was "no i'm not engaged yet, but it's something that's going to happen soon". Then her final resposne was "congrats and that's she's in a relationship". He didn't response after that, but i'm so bothered by this whole situation because we claim to tell each other any and everything. I know i tell him everything. It doesn't bother me that she contacted him -- it really bothers me that he didn't tell me that she did. However, i went snooping through his stuff and i don't want him to know that so i don't really know how to address this with him at all. I want him to tell me that she contacted him. Plus i was also bothered that he had to ask her if she was in a relationship or engaged yet. why does that matter. Thoughts?


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  • Don't worry about it. Your boyfriend didn't tell you because he didn't want you getting angry over it, potentially jealous, or didn't think of it as a big deal. He did very well in his replies. Your being over protective. You can trust him. Move on.

    The ex girlfriend was probably just checking in on him. It's not unusual for people to occasionally ask about their exs.


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