Do his drunk words mean anything?

We had drunk conversation a month ago. I told him that I really do like him and he said he liked me also. When I said I did really care about him he was in disbelief though. I'm the one who brought up the convo. He told me what I said really upset him (I was angry at him a few weeks ago so I messaged him I liked him but we would be better off as friends) and I told him I didn't mean that. He opened up a lot to me and said he is scared of being hurt and rejected. But Im moving away for work in a week. I asked him if he was going to miss me he said he was. We were both drunk, so I dont know if he meant it or was he just drunk? was he just going along with what I said?

We went on a few dates in the beginning, but now we’ve just been sleeping together for the last year. The reason we only went on a few dates was because we went on dates when I was home over the holidays. I was still at school then so I went back to school. We never talked about our feelings for one another and things got pretty messed up. So we would just hook up when we saw eachother.


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  • Your nothing but fuckbuddies

    • why would he say those things then?

    • He was drunk

    • exactly, so no need for any of that since we'd sleep together anyways..

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