My cousin always goes after men I am either interested in or have slept with previously?

It seems a little odd that my 26 year old cousin still pulls the same bullshit she has been pulling since highschool. I haven't brought it up too frequently because she simply blames it on her alcohol problem and it gets rather irritating to have the same conversation with her on multiple occasions. But this last time has really pushed me over the edge.
I have been seeing and hanging out with this one guy since highschool. We have always been off and on; constantly going back to each other. She knows how I feel about him and always has known. She claims she hates this guy; though she has only met him once and they didn't even exchange words to each other. Him and I started speaking again and he has arranged for us to have a date next weekend. I told a good friend of mine and low and behold it got back to my cousin against my desire for this info to steer clear of her entirely. All the sudden she has added him on social media and is going crazy over his posts; liking absolutely everything he posts up and I don't even dare ask him or her if they are speaking because I am pretty sure I already know the answer and I will probably freak out.
She has broke me and ex's up in the past. Telling them they deserve better than me and so on. I don't want this to happen with this guy because he has been my number one despite the amount of years we have been off and on. What can I do about this situation?


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  • Your cousin has some issues but that's not the point. Such a dilemma for you. Talking to your cousin is not likely to improve the situation. Talking to the guy about her may not come off well. Doing nothing is not a viable plan either. Is there another member of the family you can talk to about your cousin's destructive habits who has real influence over her?

    This is off the wall but perhaps the friend who started this whole mess could talk to him about you and the cousin, if she knows much of the history between you. This would amount to letting the guy know that you're very interested in him. That might be a risk worth taking under the circumstances. It seems that something rather drastic is in order. I think you've let your cousin get away with this for too long and you will come to regret it yet again if you allow her to explain it away again.


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