Girls, what would your reaction be if a guy asked you out but was really nervous?

What would you think if a shy guy worked up the guts to ask you out in person and was trying to play it cool but was still noticeably pretty anxious?

I did this a while back, I told her I thought she was really pretty and I was wondering if she wanted to go out on a date with me. I tried to stay calm but my face was probably a little red and I was shaking a little. I have bad anxiety when approaching girls.

  • I'd think he was confident but has anxiety.
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  • I'd think he was spineless and weird.
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  • I'd think it was adorable.
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  • I wouldn't hold it against him.
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  • If a guy asked me out and he was nervous, I'd understand. I just hope he would be that way during the date. I mean, I get we would have to warm up to each other, but that nervousness should wear off. :]


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  • I would love that he took all that worked up courage just for me.

    • She was pretty awesome so I think it was worth it even if she turned me down.