Is it wrong to put a time frame on when a guy say he will call/call back?

I talked to him at 12pm and I know he is a captain on a tug boat and his job is demanding just thought he would have called back by now. Its 6pm here and feel it shouldn't take so long to call back. Also wondering if i should move on. Am I wrong?


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  • If he's at work, what's the problem

    • He is getting online and not calling me back. Only time i talk ti him is when i intiate conversation.

    • If he literally never initiates conversations, and you're doing it all, I'm sorry to say but he may not be that into you unfortunately.

    • Thats what I wanted to know
      Thank you!

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  • Haha. Move on because he didn't text you back the same day? I don't know why people overreact over things like this, no offense. I'd say talk to him about it.


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