When did you date?

So I understand everyone is different. I love hearing different opinions and decisions. (Don't know y). So I was speaking with a friend recently and she said "why don't you date? You're really pretty and guys have asked you out, so why not date? Your last boyfriend was four years ago! Your almost in college and you have never once given in and tested the water. Heck! I've never seen you hug a guy once" I replied with "yeah I guess it's been long, but I'm not rushing into anything. I'm just not interested in dating or physical stuff yet. High school was fun and all, but admit it, guys here want one of two things and the ones who actually want a real relationship have been taken or im just not interested. I'll wait until everyone matures so I understand their personality and what they'll truly be like in the future" that's my idea with dating. When did you start dating? What did you think? - what were your emotions from the different relationship?


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  • I agree with you. Don't rush things. Don't force yourself to like someone. Your time will come. Everything happens for a reason. Also why do people think they need someone to live a happy life? Love yourself before you love someone else. Live life before you settle down. Find yourself first. You have all the time in the world