Multiple dates and He hasn't kissed me yet?

I've been seeing a guy this last month who i met through online dating. Weve seen each other a lot over the last month. He even came to my work and changed my flat tyre for me.
Yet he still hasn't kissed me.
I started talking to him a week after he was released from prison. He hasn't talked dirty. he also said he was a bit of a whore before he was locked up.
He has stated that i make him a bit nervous and that could be attributed to the fact that he never really took dating seriously before he was locked up.
Why hasn't he kissed me?


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  • What was he in prison for? Chances are he doesn't want to push you away he now has something resembling a life and he doesn't want to screw it up perhaps he doesn't know how to proceed because of his past? Either way you should talk to hiim about it.

    • Drug trafficking and minor assaults.
      Thats what a close friend suggested. But i feel like he wouldn't be open to talking about it. he's very closed off about feelings and discussing them.

    • Okay well then he probably is afraid to get serious because he might feel you would be less excepting of him if you found out all the details of his past. Basicly as long as he keeps his distance then maybe he feels he can avoid the "inevitable" rejection. I would say talk to him about it or inititate it yourself.

    • Thanks for the MHG!

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  • He's afraid to thinking you'll be turned off if he tried. Why haven't you kissed him?

    • I like it when the guy takes the initiative.

    • Well that isn't always possible and if that's what you're waiting for you're going to be waiting a very long time. Women wanted equal rights well you got them. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it

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  • Ermmmm prison? Whore? No kiss? Nervous?


    Red flags.

    • Beat me to it

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    • You missed my point. It's too soon. There are ton of red flags. But it's your choice if you want to ignore them.

    • Well for me the only real red flag is the prison. The rest of it is im not really worried about.

  • Doesn't want to mess up?
    Maybe you should initiate the kiss.. Why are you waiting for him to make the move?

    • I like it when the guy takes the initiative.

  • Than kiss him sister.

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