She won't talk to me anymore?

I'm currently talking to this girl who I'm really into and she really likes me. We were talking and she got real quiet all of a sudden and started to get sad. I asked her what was wrong and she just wouldn't tell me. So a hour or so later, I asked her again. She said that she's in love with me but didn't want to say anything and make things awkward between us.. Now she's all sad and is barely responding to me.. what should I do? Now I feel like the bad guy for asking what was wrong..


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  • If you feel the same way, tell her. If you don't love her, but want to be in a relationship, then talk to her and let her know where you are at. Communication is key, and a conversation needs to happen. I guess if she's not responding, give her a day or so before contacting her because she may have a lot of emotions and thoughts going on in her head which she may be trying to understand herself, so she may need a little time.

    • She kept saying that I "doesn't matter anyway" and I keep telling her that it does. She even got all choked up about it.. I guess I'll just wait a bit. No need to trying to force her to talk to me :/

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    • Any idea what I should text her in the morning to try to relieve some of this? I'm kinda at a loss for words.

    • I'm not sure about your relationship, like how close of friends you are. But i would keep it casual like 'hey beautiful,' that i'm not sure, it really depends. Also if she doesn't answer you, don't bombard her with messages, it essentially means she needs a little space.

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  • She just confessed her feelings for you and I don't know maybe she is feeling guilty that she may have ruined things between you both and that's why she is not talking to you. However she expressed herself, so what are you going to do now?

    If your feelings for her are the same, then you should immediately tell her and let her know that, express yourself. If it's not the same then also you need to have a discussion with her and let her know you don't look at her that way, but then assure her nothing will change between you two, at least that will make her feel less guilty and more assured

    • I don't "love" her that way. I really like her, but I wouldn't jump the gun and say that i love her, just yet. Is that dumb? I told her that this doesn't affect anything between us and that I still feel the same. And she just doesn't believe it. Now she's acting all weird and is barely responding to my texts. We were suppose to hang out tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure it'll happen

    • I don't know but she might be just feeling ashamed of her own actions, or may be she realized that she said it too quickly or something, so give it some time and she should be okay.

    • You're completely right. That's exactly what she said to me.

  • I would just wait awhile and talk to her later, like tomorrow.