How do you go for that one girl you let get away?

I was in a relationship for three years. She moved away, we were long distance, I wasn't happy. She was suffering from depression, and as much as i wanted to be there for her, all of our conversations were just constant never ending pep talks from me. I met someone at my job, and fell for her. Hard. I never acted on it, but we spent a lot of time talking both at work and at night via text and whatnot. She always made me smile, and tried talking to me about stuff I was interested in that she had no idea about. After awhile, I realized I couldn't lie to my current girlfriend. I left her, and decided to pursue the girl who was constantly on my mind.

A week later I was fired from work for a pretty simple mistake. I was a little lost. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and lost my job and source of income. I told the girl I was fired, and she and I talked off and on for about a month or so. Maybe I was too flustered, maybe I couldn't deal with the guilt of leaving my girlfriend, but I never did anything about it. I let her go and decided I was better off alone.

Some time has passed. I recently reactivated my facebook, after disabling it for a year and getting into my current job. I've seen a lot of her posts, and, well, I can't stop kicking myself for not acting on such obvious hints from her. But, a lot of time has passed. I'm not even sure if its worth messaging her to try and rekindle a friendship or just move on with my life, but I guess its important enough for me to post on here.

Anyone ever been in the same boat?


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  • Move on man.

    • I have, actually. I've met people, I've been busy with my job. This girl has popped into my head occasionally, but just recently since I've reactivated my facebook its come into my head.

      So, its not really so much brooding and moaning, my life is over kind of thing. Its more like, should I go ahead and pursue some girl I didn't go for when I should have? What would even be the right approach.

    • I don't think that you have much of shot, but you really don't have anything to lose and have everything to gain. So if you are stable right now and can handle the probable rejection that will most likely come, then fuck it. Go for it. You only live once.