How can I comfort my girlfriend when she's scared?

Hey this is Kittycat's friend she said I can use her account for some reason mines not working. So my girlfriend is having a hard time getting to sleep. She keeps hearing coyotes howling and her uncles dog barking across the road it's really scaring her. She's been scared of the dark since she was a teenager she's 23 now. She's scared of it because she saw something on tv that made her scared. She has a nightlight and we keep the hallway light on we even keep the tv on. It's weird though that she's scared of the dark but on summer nights she likes to go outside after dark and walk around she even has a camp out with me and her friend. I guess she's just scared to be in her room at night. She's really trying to sleep but she can't it's almost 1 in the morning. She's still crying her eyes out and she's scared. How can I comfort her? I'm a guy.


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  • Just be nice to her

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