This girl told me she's talking to someone but doesn't like him?

She told me she likes how nice and caring the guy is but doesn't feel him like that and she told me how she's proud that she hasn't had sex with him and controlled herself I really don't know if she told me this for me to back off or to make a move because we were chilling in my car and I turned my car off and let the radio play and she told me to turn the car off she doesn't want my battery to die I asked her something about who would you pick you up or she said such and such would have to pick her up but kinda stopped when she was about to talk about the boy and went on a this thing about how her family and him don't like for her to hang around different guys but she went on this thing about how she doesn't really like him but likes the person he is what was the point in her telling me that because she didn't want to talk about him and then I kinda forced it out because she was reluctant and I told her to just tell me should I still even try with her


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  • As Wise as an ol owl that I think that I am here, dear, it Seems she Is... About the boy.
    It appears she is giving subtle Hints that with some Hymning and yes, Hawing She is still coming around to telling you That... Turn the car off...
    She really does like him but is having problems Openly Admitting it, now being Kinda forced it out.
    Good luck. xx


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