How to send good text messages?

Hello, I wonder what girls are looking for when you text message them.

I would really appreciate that you reveal the tricks, experience, or anything that could help us to determine which style of message satisfy the ladies out there.

Hoping that you will provide us some feedbacks, and that we will be able to apply them !

Thank you ! :)

We will really appreciate that both girls, and guys participate on this one so we will have more accurate results. Thank you.
Any opinion?


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  • It depends on the relationship (friendship, lovers etc) and also on the individuals

    When I text my friends I am all chill and have a laugh etc
    But if I was to text a spouse or a date then I'd probably be shy, or romantic

    • You were away for quite a long time now.

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    • No but i saw you here a year ago, you kinda disappeared after.

    • @thegreat017 yeah I don't come on GAG as often as I used to

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