Why do guys ONLY Notice & flirt with me online but not Irl?

Okay I'm a 19 year old Girl. I'm not trying to be conceited or anything, EVERYONE tells me I'm attractive! My friends, my family, random people, other girls etc etc. but for some reason I don't believe I'm attractive I think I'm "nice looking" at best. I'm a caramel skin color, I'm curvy, pretty short in height and have black, almost long hair. I'm pretty shy tbh. But, guys RARELY notice me in public!! Online it's a different story. I literally have like THOUSANDS of Guys flirting and asking to have sex with them, but NEVER date them which upsets me! But anyway why don't guys ever notice me in REAL LIFE!! I want a RELATIONSHIP, not just a tap & run!! That's so mean. The last relationship I had when I was 17 (2 years ago) I want one again but at the same time I'm not totally desperate. How can I become more attractive to guys in real life? by the way I'm not complaining at all


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  • Be a little more open with guys


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