He texts me but hasn't asked me out - how long until I should just forget about it?

I met this guy last week and he has been texting me every day for a week since we've met (he always initiates, never me). I've been thinking that he would ask me to at least meet him out casually, but he hasn't yet.

I know it's only been a week, but otherwise I don't get what this guy is doing. One friend said to drop him because he needs to take the initiative (he originally asked me to call him when I know what works for me), while another friend said that he might just take longer before he asks me out. I don't think guys are that complicated, so maybe I'm missing something else, but I don't want to keep talking over the phone when I could just talk to someone in person. I think texting is dumb and annoying.

  • Give the guy another week to contact you, then forget about it. If he likes you, he'll initiate a date.
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  • Ask the guy to go out when you're free like he originally suggested. He won't find you too eager.
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  • Drop hints about this upcoming weekend and if he doesn't take the bait, stop responding to him.
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  • All of these options are terrible so I commented a different response.
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  • send him nudes


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