He told me he loved me, and now he isn't talking to me?

We've been seeing eachother for a while, and he told me he loved me. I told him I felt the same and he said he has known that I felt this way for quite some time. It was awesome, and we got together and everything was great. But as of recently he hasn't been talking to me. He responded to one of my messages about a cute animal, but it was a very short message that couldn't really be replied to. I haven't said anything because maybe he is just busy. But normally we talk 5 days a week at least. I left my messages but since he hasn't replied I decided to just give him some space and see what happens. It got me thinking about the last time we were together, we were intimate but he wanted to keep going. All night. Until 6 in the morning. It was fun and exhausting but Now I'm freaking out because maybe he knew that he wasn't going to see me for a while or something. I'm trying not to overthink, because it's probably just nothing. But he usually always replied to messages even if he doesn't have a whole lot to say. Now I'm confused because he just admitted how strongly he cares about me and has almost disappeared. What's up with him?

  • It's probably just coincidence and he's just busy.
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  • Maybe he doesn't really love you and regrets saying it.
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  • Maybe he's afraid you don't actually feel the same way.
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  • he might loved you vagina only


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