Is it bad I dont want a relationship right now?

I dont even want a girl right now. I've gone through so much heartbreak this last year and a half and i literally am about done with shit. I have a friend with benefits, and thats it. I have no more feelings for any of these girls and im so empty. Not depressed, just uncaring. Is this bad?


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  • no. do what you gotta do for as long as you need to,. as long as you are HONEST. nothing wrong with not wanting anything serious but don't lead anyone on. thats very bad.

    but honestly you don't send done-not for the right woman anyhow- just sad and scared and angry. its justified.. . you need time to heal.

    • How long must one heal before they are ready? In that case, I've been healing for almost a year now. Maybe i've just changed, not healed. I spent months feeling like shit over having feelings for someone, and honestly i just feel its not worth the time or effort anymore. Not in this world anyways. I still get lots of women, i just dont get into a relationship with them, even if i really like them, and i would love to. But the feeling of heartbreak is not worth it to me.

    • it really depends upon the person. some people take years. the fact you are young should help snap back quicker.

      yeah getting people and being with them, is entirely different. the first is safe bc there's no investment. but the latter is definitely more rewarding. in my opinion. you grow.

      can i ask, what happened. how you were hurt?

      you can message me, if you don't want to discuss it on here. :)

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  • not at all man, u just need time to yourself until u can find love again. I'm not sure fwb's are a good way to go about that, but its your life.

    • So then what is the best way? Because i dont feel good enough for anyone right now..

    • i don't really wanna tell u how to live ur life, but as for me I've just found that when I'm single and not really looking for validation, opportunities just come and i feel more secure in myself.

  • What if you are like this...

    And a really sweet, kind, caring, loving girl comes along.

    And she really liked you.

    Would you break her heart too?

    • Probably. Wanna know why? I've had girls who all seemed all you said, and i gave them my all plus more. You know what happened? I hit rock bottom, cried myself to sleep every single night, spent months feeling like complete shit, not wanting to talk to anyone. Made my family pissed off, because of how fucked up i was, and it was a terrible life for a while. Nobody should have to go through the pain of someone who supposedly loves you, and lies to your face every chance they get. Nobody. Dont get me wrong, if a girl like this comes along, fine. I'll give her a chance, but she will definitely be the one working for it, cause im not. All the girls i know, once they find something going wrong in their relationship, they just go to the next person. Its pathetic as fuck, and im not about that life. Most people i know are. I just sit and watch, laugh, and go about my day. Right now im living on the "Find em, Fuck em, Forget em" Attitude. And its working.

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    • I don't know.. Maybe one day i'll realize i need to get back out and let someone in, but right now, i hate the world and everyone in it. Everyone seems so fake, and like i said, i have yet to find one who isn't. So whenever someone finds one thats worth a shit, lmk..

    • Well message me. Maybe we can talk.

  • No, you're definitely not alone in feeling like that either. The most important thing is you're honest about how you feel and clear about it with anyone you spend time with I guess (eg friend with benifets situation)... hugs

    • I'm very honest with my friend, and she knows it and she's ok with it. I would never lead anyone on. Thats wasting someones life, and i know the feeling.

    • Yeah wasn't suggesting that you were at all... and same, it's horrible!

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  • It's a fucking travesty.

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