How to get in touch with Old High School Crushes (when you're trans)?

Okay, this is a complicated question so bare with me. When I was in seventh grade I had this huge crush on this girl--up until senior year of high school. It took me a really long time to understand my feelings and stop being awkward. During my senior year I finally had the courage to talk to her and became friends. After graduation we never spoke again. Fast forward and I am finishing up university, I have had my share of ups and downs, and recently been thinking about this girl again. I want to at least get back in contact but there is ONE big problem. Since high school I transitioned from female to male! I'm extremely nervous to get in contact with anyone from high school because of this. Should I just message her on Facebook or something? Any ideas?


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  • Indeed this gets complicated on a few levels. If she knew about the crush, it might be hard for her to adjust to it. And not knowing it, I'm not sure how you could explain why you wanted to contact her after all this time and all these changes. On the other hand you can use the changes to explain why it's taken a while to get back in touch with people you knew then. Perhaps that's the way to approach reestablishing contact with her.