Messaging me and then disappearing? ... Jealous? Please help?

I know this guy in real life but we live about 2 hrs apart so we have only been interacting online... But he gets in touch with me every day. It's been about a year of us flirting and he says how great he thinks I am, but that his anxiety and depression are really getting in the way for him to make this a real relationship. Getting frustrated with it, I have been dating a guy locally (not officially in a relationship yet) and the guy that I talk to online has been making jealous comments sometimes but then other times is encouraging me to be with the guy that I'm dating. He also has been messaging me first but then has almost nothing to say or will randomly stop answering me... Which makes me wonder why he would message me if he doesn't seem to want to talk. He also never has seriously addressed how he feels about the guy I'm dating. Just passive aggressive comments here and there and it's hard to tell when he's serious or joking around. Why would he act like this? It's making me feel bad... Especially because if he does feel bad about the guy I'm dating.


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  • It sounds like he is as confused as you are! Try to have this conversation with him? Tell him how you feel and ask if he sees you and him going anywhere? Good luck