Is it really such a rare thing to find a girl that likes to play board games every once in a while. I'm not talking about big DND games either?


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  • Umm yes, actually very very few people men or women play board games and it's really a shame. Well I live in the U. S. and it's rare among people our age.

    I miss checkers, tic tac toe, monopoly, battleship, puzzles, etc (idk how to play chess though). I think it'd be sweet to play with my boyfriend (if I had one) but most people think it's boring. Even my family doesn't play anymore!

    And playing it virtually just isn't the same

    • No playing it virtually is not nearly as satisfying. The annoying part is when they pull out their cellphones in between turns when the time between turns is less than 2 minutes for 4 people.

    • Oh I never had that experience.

      Make a rule that loser turns off their phone first.

      Only once I played but it was at a cafe for a date. Neither of us were on our phones and played for hours. Sadly the date after that (ice skating) tanked and he didn't want to date anymore

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  • I play board games as well as other games (like catch, card games, etc.) with my girl. We're homebodies and really enjoy doing stuff like that! I'm sure there are PLENTY of other girls out there who enjoy things like that.

    • There are girls out there they are just really rare, or they just think of me as a freind. It is a lot easier to find a girl who likes videos games than it is to find a girl that likes board games even ones that are willing to sit and play monopoly. After you find a girl who will play she is always on her phone between turns.

    • The girl I'm with doesn't play on her phone in between turns. She's rarely on her phone when she's with me unless it's important. She's definitely not like most younger gals who's obsessed with selfies, Snapchat, tweeting, Facebooking, etc. which is nice.

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  • Well I was going to answer and tell you "No I know plenty of girls that play board games" but then I stopped, because I realized all the girls that play board games with me are foreigners. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I rarely see American girls playing board games. Sometimes they will play cards with you, but I seriously can't remember the last time I saw an American girl play a board game. Wow thats really sad, and annoying, why can't they just play board games instead of texting and snap chatting.