Girls, I'm 18 and can't seem to ever get into a relationship. Haven't had my first kiss, first date, never been to prom or hoco. Help?

It's been hard for me to find a girl. Any of the times one has shown affection , I get friend-zoned or lead on. I'm an attractive guy athletic smart and kind to all females. I'm starting to feel like maybe I wasn't destined to be with a girl. And it's breaking me down


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  • Ha-ha you are cute. I'm sure once you hit college you'll find amazing girls.
    I didn't officially start talking to boys until I started college.

    • It hurts though. Spending homecoming and prom alone. Man, it hurts it kills me. This year at hoco was the one of the worst days of my life and I'm trying to just brace myself for prom being like that

    • Awww!! :'( its okay!!! I understand it must hurt! If totally go to prom with you if I were in your school! We'd dance better than all your classmates!

    • Thanks, that does mean a lot

  • You're quite young still, don't lose hope. Just be patient. The right girl will come around eventually, just keep putting yourself out there!

    • I had prom and homecoming alone. I don't cry very much. But I couldn't help myself that homecoming night. I'm honestly bracing for that again on prom

    • Don't worry, I've been there! I mean, in my high school we didn't have proms/dances but I never dated while I was in school (never asked out by someone I liked), and here I saw so many of my friends dating. It definitely upset me at the time, but I realized it had its benefits. I could focus on enjoying my friends and on my schoolwork, because we have ALL of our lives to date. I never even started dating really until a year ago! I'm almost 21 now.